Friday, 18 January 2008

Birthday Mayawati style

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati had her birth day the other day like she has been so doing for quite a long time. She always wants to be recognized as a real representative of downtroddens and the backwards. The way she always goes for a lavish expenditure on her birthdays speaks some thing just otherwise. If Mahatma Gandhi championed the cause of the poor, the downtroddens, he never forgot to himself lead a simple life matching with the poor ones as his conviction was that how could he have a life full of comforts if it was denied to poors in the country. He was known as a faqir wearing a simple dhoti to cover his body. Just in contrast to this is the living style of Mayawati whose chosen preference is always for a lavish style of living. Behavioural pattern of hers too is normally too harsh leaving autocrats much behind on that count. Only a few days back a girl wanted to see her to narrate her plight, overharrassed as she was by her maternal uncle, but instead of hearing her agonies she was sent to police custody. Birthday gifts are a common feature no doubt and people do accept them as a token of love and affection but the moment they assume the shape of some kind of a bribe, the very sanctity is lost. An enormously huge amount of money is collected in the name of her birthday every time just fails to get termed as love or affection, it only amounts to a bribe requisitioned by the one who is in power and command.
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