Sunday, 13 January 2008

Pay hike for the top men

As per latest announcements appearing in the media, those placed in top positions in the country are to get more pay. President of India is now to get Rs. 1 lac per month, the Vice President is entitled to Rs.85,000/per month with Members of Parliament already drawing a fat salary besides sumptuous perquisites costing the treasury an amount of several crores of rupees as a routine. Normally demands for a wage hike are raised in the context of routine sustentation for self and family where food and other essentials count. Personalities on the top do need support for their routine requirements for self and the family like every one does but their mode of living beeng just so different, the intensity element in their case is not that big as that in the case of common people. Workforce keeping their livelihood based on whatever amount of salary they are able to draw are never in a position to go beyond their sustenance and whenever they are in for a certain pressing need for the family they have no option but to borrow from friends or the financial agencies which again they have to pay back from their only source available -their salary. This problem has hardly anything to do with the celebrities placed in a high salary zone equipped with innumerable perquisites. It is State to bear all those expenses in their case. Majority of them get almost all benefits nearly tax free which priviledge is just inaccessible in the case of a common man. Infact it is the workforce in the country that needs increase in their wages and not the big bosses who are otherwise fat enough.
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