Saturday, 12 January 2008

Kudos to Ratan Tata

Tatas have been the ones known for creating history in business world and up to their family traditions they are still breaking their own track records -latest being the innovation incarnate the Nano, the small low priced car that is a revolution in itself.It was possible for a visionary like Ratan Tata only to offer this low priced car to people in the junior middle class. Moved he felt seeing the middle class people in the lower rung who had problems in travelling by public transport with small kids and had to suffer from lack of options in the absence of the required resource to buy a car and this plight of theirs led the Tata to plan this mode of transport for them pricing it low but equipped with features which are necessary for a convenient journey. The cost has 3 models -Standard, Semi Standard and Deluxe and these variants are from the point of view of different categories of consumers. The original cost of the standard model is 1.25 Lac as against 1.55 lac for semi standard and 1.75 for Deluxe models. Models include VAT in the price tag. It looks so funny and ridiculous that the Government has no consideration for the problems of the common man remaining always dead set to recover whatever maximum amount they can from the public. If Tata can manage the barest minimum for the car so produced by him,why the Government can't relax their taxation mode and rate to suit the consumers. After all this is an era when small car like Nano can't be termed as any luxury item, they are rather necessaries. None can doubt the success of this car and also its utility but what is a must is a little more of price relaxation which is possible only when VAT is either waived,withdrawn or atleast minimised.
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