Monday, 28 January 2008

If dreams were really tangible ?

Dreams OK, dreaming no harm but dreaming beyond reality based proportions is that bounces back to setback and chagrin. What happened the other day in share market was an example in this context. A tearful Tuesday as 22nd of January'07 was called by many, it was a scene to watch lot many investers weeping and crying not only at Dalal Street but equallly in different places after they found themselves hit hard on share prices falling down to the extreme. They were the people who catastrophically failed in their biddings losing whatever money they had otherwise collected to form a resource buying large number of shares making them rich within minutes. Sensex losing 4097 points at a stretch was a colossal setback to the investers. As share trading is now defined, it is no more taken as a game or gambling or just a speculative manoeuvring -it is considered to be a scientific tool based on logical calculations. Such a definition adds grace to stock trading and better it is always for the investors to take it as such only without going for bids just in the air. The factor that actually results into a nightmarish experience of disappointment is investors tendency to build castle in the air with dreams of immediately becoming some Ambani or a Tata by investing a small sum with the hope to get tens of time returns. Expecting returns is alright but why blame the system if investments are made on an imaginary footing. One does feel like sympathising with the victims of shares prices miserably falling down on seeing their tearful faces like it was done by several channels on TV but such a feeling of sympathy fades on realising that they are themselves to blame for the setback. Why they behaved unrealistic while trading in stocks? Had the investors behaved with a rationale sticking to the adage that 'slow but steady wins the race', the amount of concerns and tension might have been minimised to the level they could easily afford to tolerate.
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