Monday, 29 July 2013

Maruti’s Manesar Plant–Let the workers not suffer:

Maruti’s management has threatened to close its plant at Manesar (Haryana) for the reason that it has been asked to pay around 500 crores of rupees being compensation for additional land acquired by them for the plant at the increased rates so demanded by the concerned farmers, the land owners. The Maruti management stated:

“….If further enhancement is granted, the management may to take a decision to discontinue the plant at Manesar”

If closure takes place in practical terms, it turns in to a loss of 8,000 crores of rupees to Haryana government itself besides hardships to the consumers. Most important factor is that the closure is bound to render around 20,000 employees jobless. Earlier also when plant was placed more or less in the similar circumstances on account of agitation followed by the strike as from the workers, the plant was virtually closed, of course for a shorter duration. The very responsibility to sort out the issue, besides through courts, devolves on the government and it is for them to see that not only the government is not put to loss, the employees have not to lose their jobs. Their losing jobs means that their families will have no resource left for them for their sustentation. Sooner the government intervenes effectively on a priority footing, the better.

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