Friday, 2 August 2013

A hell as let loose by a devil:

Demons and devils are not any separate community by themselves, it is the humans themselves who act as such to satisfy their ego and vengeance. As reported by the media, a man brutally killed his two children for the reason that he had suspicion against his wife on her integrity and character and that she had sexual relations with some one else. The man named Suresh Kumar was married to one Sheetal Sharma of Pathankot (India) some two years back. They had a daughter Navya aged 11 months and a son aged 2 months plus. His doubt was that the children are not his. Implementing his horrifying plan to kill both the children, he picked up a lizard, killed it and boiled it in milk forcing the kids to drink the same. Both of them died on the spot. Suresh Kumar was right or wrong in his doubts against his wife Sheetal Sharma is entirely a different matter but there is nothing that can justify the killing of the innocent kids. It was as a matter of vengeance and with a view to create panic and horror for his wife that he perpetrated such a ghastly and devilish act. Even the water of seven oceans is not enough to clean his hellish act against kids, the innocent ones to realise any purpose for eliminating them.

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