Thursday, 22 August 2013

Religion based banking in the offing:

Necessary nod has since been given to the Government of Kerala by the Reserve Bank of India to go ahead with the formation of a financial institution falling in line with Islamic principles. This Shariah compliant body will be the one not charging any interest on the advances made nor it will accept any interest on the deposits it will receive from the customers. It will also desist from dealing with transactions related to tobacco, liquor and speculative tradings. Islamic principles prohibit charging interest on borrowings and also on deposits received. It is quite nice an approach but the question is how a financial institution can survive without any intake of earnings by way of interest on the money lent out. Obviously there shall be many a takers so far as borrowings are concerned but who could be the people to deposit their hard earned savings without getting any thing by way of some interest on them. Only volunteers can do it but there again it is the number that counts as no purpose can be served if such depositors are only few and far between. May be some religiously committed people come forward making the institution work viably. All the best to the new venture.

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