Friday, 30 August 2013

Country’s economy dragged to the jaws of the devil:

The country is passing through a biggest ever economic crisis and the rupee value is drawing close to its nullity. The confidence of the people stands miserably shaken. This is the time when the real factors responsible for such a collapse be worked out and searched fixing the responsibility to the individuals, or say the powers, for their lapses. Viewed seriously, what emerges to the surface is not just a lapse but wilful act(s) to serve the self interest for political reasons. Food Security Bill was passed posing it to be an area of interest for the common people which is not the fact. The fact is that it was purely done to appease the masses with the elections due the next year in view. In a way, it was most dishonest a move for the sake of securing necessary vote bank. Indian rupee is touching 70 against a dollar and instead of endeavouring to overcome the crisis, the fierce doze of Food Security Bill was imposed multiplying the financial burden by 1.25 lakh crores of rupees. Those responsible for failure to check the crisis must be put to task and account for their criminal sort of offences.

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