Monday, 2 September 2013

More annoying than relief rendering:

When Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made a speech in Parliament the other day, the normal expectation was that this would be some thing relief oriented in respect of the unprecedented sort of an economic crisis rampant in the country. It was not. He rather added fuel to the fire when he said that fall in rupee value was necessary and that it was in the interest of curbing the soaring prices. Instead of giving an amenable explanation in relation to the crisis, he unhesitatingly held the opposition parties responsible for the purpose, which badly lacked any relevance. It was evasive and lacked any logistics as normally is the expectation as from a dignitary like Prime Minister. His utterances were more teasing and annoying than rendering any healing touch. The worst was that he left the House in a huff without lending his ears to what the M.Ps from opposition were trying to say. Unbecoming and highly disgustful a gesture it was quite opposed to a parliamentary discipline. Such a typical conduct on the part of the Prime Minister only constrains the common people of the country to believe that there is hardly any ray of hope for any tangible solution to overcoming the present crisis in the country in immediate future, or say so long as the UPA government is in power.

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