Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bank accounts to be opened with zero balance now:

It’s a good news in a way that as per Reserve Bank of India directives the customers can open their Saving Bank A/cs with zero balance. Presently this amount was around minimum Rs.1,000/ varying from bank to bank. There are many who are desirous of opening an account in some bank or the other but they are unable to do so for want of necessary minimum amount. If the directives so issued hold good in real practical terms, the news is very satisfying to the needy customers and the consumers, but the real problem is that of its implementation. There are already instructions to open the accounts of students with zero balance but the respective banks are defying them. It has yet to be seen in days to come whether the banks come forward with necessary compliance of the Reserve Bank of India directives. If they do, this is certainly a welcome gesture.

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