Monday, 30 September 2013

Blood suckers as they are:

Birth with tax, death with tax and confronted with some tax or the other throughout the life, one is supposed to remain burdened with taxes of different kinds all through and this is life in a country like ours, India. What the citizens get in return are a nullity with no kind of any security, physical or financial, for the common man. The ads released by the government through different channels of the media from time to time highlight the need for taxes for the development of the country. This is nothing but a hoax. On my way to Lucknow (U.P., India) the other day my car had to have a compulsory halt at a toll tax barrier in the midway. The prescribed tax being Rs.60/ (one way), it was paid which only sometime back was Rs.40/. Why this bumper jump in the matter of the rate? The reply was that it was for the maintenance of the road. The passengers are required to pay such tax almost on all the roads wherever you travel and if all these roads are financially managed by the toll tax so realised, what for the vehicle owners are compelled to pay the permanent road tax otherwise. In fact the huge sum that accumulates out of these taxes is used more for the exorbitantly lavish life style of the upper strata of the people involved in governance than the common people. They are the people who suck the blood of the common men in the country in the name of some tax or the other enjoying life at the cost of the public in general.

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