Friday, 6 September 2013

Sewaks or agents of a corrupt feudal system?

There are many a people, particularly from amongst politicians, who boast of serving the society and in that context call themselves as ‘Sewak’ (one who serves the people). There is a local MLA who has gone a step further suffixing his name on his official letter as ‘SEWAK’. Most of them are hypocrites only as they hardly have any thing like a mission of service, they are mainly interested in their own welfare and the benefits. They apparently talk of being a Sewak, a servant, to the public, behaviourally their conduct is that of a feudal, dictating terms to aam admi (common man), and one who doesn’t fall in line with them is in for adverse situations managed against them. Their living style is lavish matching that of the lords with whatever paraphernalia is needed to add luxury to their life at their command. When chance comes their way, they themselves behave as hard core feudals, alternatively acting as agents to the total feudalistic system obtaining currently in the country. They virtually act as ‘dalals’ of the system including police.

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