Saturday, 14 September 2013

This too happens once in a blue moon:

Though once in a blue moon, you can’t say that the yawning jaws of the soaring prices dragon don’t ever shrink downward. Petrol prices, as is the news, are likely to be lowered in India by Rs.1.50. This is the way the UPA Government strategically works, first increase the price by 4-5 rupees and then reduce it by a petty amount giving it the popular name of relaxation in fuel prices. Take it and give it back in some form or the other –by way of price hike in various other commodities and imposing some kind of a tax like they have done now even in the case of sadhus and priests working in different temples as if theirs too is a service that attracts service tax. Resenting against the decision, the sadhus have in a way correctly described it as a Jazia tax once imposed in the country by the King Aurangzeb. What is in store for the consumers is worse –increasing price of cooking gas and the like.

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