Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Relief for diabetics for insurance:

The largest non-life insurer, the New India Assurance Company, till now had a clause to discourage insurance to the patients having diabetes and hyper tension, or accept them on an additional charge prescribed for the purpose. This has since been modified waiving the additional charge to the relief of a big chunk of people. The company has also modified their provisions in respect of people having tobacco related ailments facilitating the insurance for those having tobacco related problems. This modification is however not to apply in the cases of lever cirrhosis normally caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. These liberalisations considerably facilitate disposal of necessary claims in large number of cases. Overall these are the measures aimed at giving relief to a large number of insurance seekers who will now find it easy to go for it to insure themselves. These gestures on the part of New India Assurance are certainly highly welcome.

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