Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dollar soaring against Rupee unfettered:

Right after the days when US Dollar rose to equivalent of Indian Rupees at 58, there started a volley of assurances as from the Government, particularly the Finance Minister, to remedy the disbalance. Nothing worked, nothing moved in the directions of necessary corrections with the result that dollar continued soaring and


currently it stands at $1 against Rs.61.3125. Such a whopping level is reached not within a year or so, it has rather been happening since decades. As we quite remember that when India became a free nation in 1947, the position was $1 to Re.1, both just being equal. What is it that America is doing which India can’t do. Indian administrative mechanism can talk only like they are doing in respect of invasions from China and Pakistan, they are in actual terms like toothless fellows talking and laughing always unable to deliver any goods. No surprise if dollar goes up to much higher a level than where it stands now. Thanks to impertinence on the part of the Indian Government.

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