Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sensex tumbles down miserably:

Share market of India suffered a severe setback in the last week with a record colossal jolt, the worst one during the last four years. Share market pundits say it may worsen further, some hold a view that it may improve the next week starting Monday the 19th of August. They derive their hopes from the other global markets. Despite regular assurances as from the Government of India, the Rupee ratio against US Dollar is at its bottom point and yet there is not even a remote indication in its improvement. Soaring prices know no end. In Banking industry, State Bank of India is the one hit worst. Individually speaking, there is an obvious reason in respect of it that the Bank has suffered a massive loss at a sequence on account of erratic policies on the part of its top management. If they are still unable to resort to necessary remedial measures, the losses in State Bank are sure to soar further resulting into their position in the stock market deteriorating more and more. Overall, the position of the banking industry is bad otherwise. This is an alarming position and it is better for the investors to be doubly cautious in their tradings.

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