Thursday, 4 July 2013

Think twice before paying bills online:

Damn easy it looks to be to pay the bills on line without any hassle of any kind as a matter of two minutes job. One needs not treading in fools paradise as this kind of transactional ease may cost the user heavily. One Anil Kumar at New Delhi paid his electricity bill for Rs.2,340/ and got the confirmation that the transaction was a success followed immediately by another message that the transaction was a failure. It was further followed by a telephone call to Anil Kumar asking for his account details and also his ID, Pin number and password which he innocently and in good faith provided. Finally when he contacted his bank to confirm his account position, he was advised that his account was debited within 5 minutes by successive 5 withdrawals of 10,000/ each. He was in fact duped and cheated suffering loss of money to the tune of 50,000/. This is how it is becoming a normal trend for the cheaters and the hackers to loot the money of the account holders in different banks. Anil Kumar failed to follow the oft repeated precautions by different banks never to give account details with Id, pin, password to any body else. Had he followed this advice he would not have been cheated like the way he was. Let it be a serious note of alert and precaution for those who go through this post sharing the same with others as their well wisher.

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