Sunday, 7 July 2013

A positive lead by temples to help uttarakhand rehabilitations:

There has been a hue and cry on the question as to why the very temples throughout the country which are so rich financially otherwise are not coming forward to suitably help the post devastation conditions in Uttarakhand. The temples so lagging behind till now include even those in Kedarnath and the other adjoining ones. Now there are gestures from the temples like Siddhvinayak in Mumbai joined by several others to contribute substantially towards the cause. They have announced the contribution of 5 crores for the purpose of which 25 lakhs has already been released. Most welcome a news in this connection is that a Muslim group in Mumbai has made an appeal that whatever funds are customarily spent on Iftar parties which festival is to commence from 10/11th of this month be diverted to the help of the families of the victims of the devastations in Uttarakhand. Such an initiative is highly commendable and sends a healthy message of communal harmony. Temples and mosques and also Gurudwaras have an immense wealth at their command and if a portion of it is diverted towards the rehabilitation process in the context of the devastatations, this serves a great cause of the humanity and deserves laurels.

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