Friday, 25 January 2013

Well done, Prema, you deserve laurels.

You have done really so well, Prema Jaykumar, by securing top rank at all India level in Indian Chartered Accountancy contest. Congratulations to you.

Prema Jaykumar is the daughter of an ordinary auto ricksha driver, Jaykumar Perumal, from Mumbai. Credit, besides Prema herself, goes to her father and the family as a whole who might have given her all support enabling her to secure much coveted a position of the first rank in Chartered Accountancy test at all India level despite their limited means of livelihood. Working hard is the master key for any success, says Prema Jaykumar, and she confidently believes in this as a matter of conviction. It is certainly always a challenge to the people entering in to a tough competition and secure a top level rank, particularly for those who have a meagre source of income to support their whole family. Those who are well placed income wise but are unable to perform well in the relative examinations have to learn a lesson from girls like Prema Jaykumar. All the best to her with congratulations as from other Indians like us.

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