Saturday, 19 January 2013

Could it be a real look?

580470_113065005536371_240444289_n[1]This one is a caricature showing our Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, with bangles in his hands, pasted on my facebook wall by a friend of mine, Anjali Agrawal, containing the lines from a film reading as:

“Merey haathon mein nau nau churiyan hain, zara thahro sajan majburiyan hain”

With all probability, there are chances that by the time this post reaches the readers, the picture so shown shall become the victim of censor leaving the space as blank, as it happened with the original picture. If it remains like it looks, well and good. It’s a different matter that right to speak or right to express oneself is curbed through censor, but the inference that can be drawn through the picture is an age old way of people, particularly as from  the ladies, to express an anguish. In olden days, if there was some king who failed to protect his people and surrendered, the women folk, and also the men, teased him with the reference of bangles. The people told the kind why not he should wear the bangles and hide himself in the palace like women could do. What happened on the borders where two subedars were callously killed beheading one of them in the hands of the Pakistan army, is known to all, and for days together our Prime Minister kept mum. He spoke out his mind only after the reactions were there on the issue from all over the world, and that too in a meek tone and tenor.

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