Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dogs killing blackbucks–How could it happen?

About 31 blackbucks were killed by astray dogs, says the news, in Kanpur Zoo (U.P.) the other day. It’s a mystery as to how a mishap of such an order could have happened on the face of the fact that the zoo is well equipped with necessary security facilities and the requisite number of staff to look after the animals round the clock. The incident occurred between 9pm to 12 o’clock in the midnight. Dogs, 3 in number, were found shot dead by the security staff. Number of astray dogs might have been much more, but blackbucks being bigger in size and strength compared to dogs, it is only surprising that the dogs might have killed as many as 31 blackbucks devouring some of them as their midnight meal. The blackbucks consisted of many who belong to protected category of species. Reportedly, there are now only 5 antelopes, 1 male and 4 females, surviving in the zoo. Report also says that the death of number of blackbucks might have been caused due to food poisoning. Such a possibility, it is said, can’t be ruled out. Although the Director of the Zoo has been suspended along with several others by the Chief Minister, this is no solution to the mystery that surrounds the story. This could be a case of a callous neglect, or the possibility of some other mystery in the case can’t be negated.

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