Monday, 28 January 2013

Do we call it the year of gang rape?

Nearly a month back, the Year 2012 was over and we bade it adieu with the memories of several events of significance including mishaps of the worst order like ‘New Delhi gang rape case’, most ghastly an incident. This was not the only case of the year 2012, the average rate of such casualties has been almost 2-3 every day through out the year if the media is to be believed. I think India could be a solitary country all over the world to set such a record for itself. Rapes are a common phenomenon every where in the world as a matter of a routine human weakness, but the way they are so much in vogue in India as a perpetuating menace is horrible. India is one of the top countries in the matter of corruption, and so is it equally, nay more, on the top in the matter of rape cases. No woman is safe outside, or even inside her house. The type of New Delhi gang rape case is almost totally unheard of in any other country. This case read in conjunction with the several other cases that might have occurred during the year’2012 most appropriately entitles it as the Year of rapes/ gang rape.

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