Sunday, 13 January 2013

Why bloggers don’t have better prospects in India?

Obviously the answer is because India doesn’t have necessary marketing scenario as it obtains in several other countries globally. If Indians venture to make their entry into markets prevalent elsewhere in other countries abroad, they fall victims to prejudices, and so is the fate of bloggers. They work on line as bloggers and they are paid well there, but if an Indian blogger does the same job for them, the amount payable to him is too meagre. Different social sites on line like Social Spark have a clear stipulation that they are to enrol only those bloggers who have minimum 2000 monthly visitors/ viewers to their site of which at least 51% belong to America. One of my blogs which has the average viewers rate monthly at 3000+ does not fit in to their criteria so prescribed as per their interpretation of the provisions. Various other sites too do the same thing more or less with the result that Indian writers get out of the race. It may possibly take several decades for India to grow to a higher level like that.

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