Thursday, 10 January 2013

Alluring messages–Isn’t it better to ignore them?

Howsoever best I try to keep my email counter neat and tidy in respect of its size and look, it goes clumsy very often with a flood of messages, most of them being spam. My google email platform takes care to filter the mail, like others too do, shifting the spam messages aside to a folder called as ‘spam’, but it can not be taken just as quite fool proof as they very often treat the genuine messages also as a spam with the result that quite from time to time I have to monitor the whole mail system in my own way to ensure that the relevant messages don’t go unnoticed. Despite such filtering, there are lot many messages conveying me the senders magnanimity to  make me rich overnight. I ignore such mails but at times I feel quite surprised when I get a confirmation sort of message purported to have been sent as from Reserve Bank of India. That too I ignore but it is with the reservation as if I am discarding a genuine message. After all this is an anxiety full of an on going interest.


garv said...

Yes, it is good always to ignore such messages

dns1 said...

problem exist.there should be some way out.

myso said...

Very interesting.