Monday, 7 January 2013

Inquisitively in search of an interesting email?

Lot many emails every day, bulk of them being meaningful with the rest being either some spam or just some thing so so. There are yet many which are most unsolicited, rather useless. In a busy world like it is now, who has time to peruse them; at least I am not. My day starts with perusal of emails which I glance over with the inquisitiveness for some purposeful message. If I get such ones, I feel happy within myself, if not; I go somewhat morose. Not necessary that you get your messages by your choice and options, they are like a rain shower, you may get it you may not. So far as the spam or unsolicited mails are concerned, my laptop, like more or less every body’s, is well equipped to get rid of them by suitably managing the inflow of them, or one may even discard them. There is no problem on that count. One has of course no modus operandi available to sort them out according to his/ her choice and option before they reach. Once they are received, only then you may apply your mind to dispose them off virtually on your whims and fancies. You have to feel contented with whatever stuff is your share on a particular day, it suits you or it may not, you have to take them as your fate accompli.

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