Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Writings are OK, but there has to be no repetition!

There are great pundits who always and unfailingly advise that no writing of any kind should have any repetition. In other words, this should be unique. What does all this mean? Are there some sort of godowns available on earth from where originals could be traced, or even if they are traced as such, who can guarantee their originality, as the moment they are traced and used, they lose it. Bloggers very often receive a caution as from their hosts that whatever is written as a post should be just something uniquely fresh. The bloggers write their posts based on what they receive from outside including books, magazines and the news papers. They have their own perceptions which form the very theme of a write-up. If some body writes on corruption or law and order situation in the country, it just can’t be original as there are thousands of people who are expressing their views on these problems, and such views are obviously supposed to tally with each other in many ways because no occurrence ever changes its very characteristics so far as the material is concerned. Copying something verbatim is not at all desirable, it is well understood, but the ideas and the substance behind a particular theme can not be altered altogether, nor they can be replaced unless there is some story deliberately concocted for the purpose. The idea of ‘no repetition’ in the manner it is put forth is, accordingly, nothing but utopian only.

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