Monday, 1 October 2012

If there was a shop in the market selling happiness!

Like there are many a things in the world which can’t be purchased against any price, happiness too is something which one can’t buy as a composite item from any shop in the market. Happiness is a combination of several factors. It’s just not like going for some purchase of a laptop or a car that gives me a satisfaction of owning them, or it’s not like seeing some movie and draw a frugal momentary satiation. If heart works virtually in a coherent collaboration with mind and mind itself is free from any strain or tension, the newly acquired things mean a double pleasure. If mind is not free from several encumbrances like pre-occupation by other extraneous factors like worries on different counts, the pleasure I may draw from acquiring some thing or the other, it just fizzles and fades out miles away obliviously going into nullity. Good health, a sound mind free from any kind of strain, and a heart that has no malice or a false prejudice, are the factors that bountifully attract happiness and peace. These factors have to be brought into a combination through the efforts made by the concerned person himself/ herself. Happiness is thus a phenomenon not just purchasable from the market, but a matter of self generation of the required situation for the purpose by the individuals concerned.
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