Thursday, 25 October 2012

Relevance of holidays:

Holidays are there for different purposes starting from statutory obligations to religious and functions of national importance. Most of the holidays are there as a matter of political compulsions. In New Delhi, there has been a demand to declare Harchhath as a holiday. This time it is falling due on 19th of the next month. Political parties, particularly Bhartiya Janta Party, are hell bent to get it done positively before the festival takes place. This is purely for the reasons of securing majority votes in favour during the next available chance. Harchhath is observed by the women folk, and women voters in New Delhi out beat the  strength of male voters. If Harchhath can be listed as a holiday, why not other festivals like Karwa Chauthh and several other festivals varying from religion to religion, one political party to another, and the list becomes unending if all requisitions in this connection are duly (or even unduly) entertained. Holidays from workers point of view are alright as they are done on the basis of a dire need for rest and relaxations to the employees, but any thing beyond that should be done strictly on the basis of the required need like national holidays. This is unfair that every thing in our country assumes, sooner or later, the colour of a sheer politics.

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