Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Yoga–It has some problematic areas too:

I have written number of articles on Yoga in this very blog highlighting the advantages side of it in many ways, which it definitely has, and there is no point in disputing them. The very saying that it suits every body in any age group ranging from 5 years to 105 years too is true. What is typically significant is that a better health through yoga warrants some basic strength for the persons who practice it. For example, pranayam or anulom vilom are forbidden to those who have some sort of heart problem or the other. Similarly those who suffer from Asthama need not go for these exercises. Those who have pain in their back or knees are always advised not to go for the yoga asanaas involving stress on the body joints. Persons having any kind of breathing problems are advised to avoid stress. If yoga is practiced with such problems existing, it causes difficulties for the persons concerned, and what happens as a result is that instead of any improvement in their health as such, their problems compound in various dimensions. Too much of practice even in the normal cases is also not advisable, as excess of any thing is bad. If these precautions are meticulously followed while practicing yoga, yoga is certainly the one therapy that benefits the human body system in thousands of ways. The very thinking on the part of several individuals that yoga is something to be practiced in any situation is actually not correct.

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