Sunday, 7 October 2012

Erratic behaviour of Sensex!

Nothing new, it happens in a volatile market like that of stocks. It is soft at a moment and the next minute it goes hostile. This is like sea waves –running smoothly but getting immediately followed by wild ones. Hopes on reform measures took the Sensex to 19,000 plus for the first time in nearly last 15 months on 4/10. On 5/10 the gaining trend so indicated turned into a freaky Friday. I have gone through the opinions of some of the experts in the field predicting that the Sensex is most likely to gain healthier grounds particularly because of hopes on reform measures, but if it was like this, there is no reason for the Sensex level to dwindle down by losing 120 points on Friday. Experts also say that Sensex is most likely to cross 20,000 figure in next few coming months for which there appears to be no tangible a sign. None can claim accuracy of a prediction in the matters of behaviour on the part of Sensex. It has its own pattern of moving side ways –at times right, at times left. Share market after all is a gamble only.

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