Saturday, 27 October 2012

Priorities on domestic economies:

It’s not just a problem, it is rather a gigantic sort of task to  fix necessary priorities on economy front of domestic needs. How to decide on different outlays with their proportionate weightage in terms of the requirement, or one has to go by weighted index instead of a simple one as per definition given in Economics. Going for shopping, how to fix up their serial order in terms of the need and weightage of the respective items, etcetera, etcetera. The problem is of more worsening an order in respect of those whose income is too meagre to meet their requirements. For them, it is not just a difficulty in fixing up the order of priorities, more than that their problem is to trace the very resource for the purpose. In a country like India, where poverty ratio dominates that of rich ones, the task gets further worsened. Fixing up the priorities on economies is, thus, more related to the resource factor than merely serialising it. I only wish that poors in the country some day grow rich enough to have necessary resource at their command  capable of enabling them to feasibly pick up and fix their priority order like the elites do.


veepee said...

I am of the opinion that disparity is a part of nature.It has always been in exitence in the past and will remain in future also,so long the univers in existence.

garv said...

Very correct

Mysonnets said...

Domestic economics is well described.