Sunday, 21 October 2012

Do more of medical tests really ensure a better health?

Go for regular medical check-ups as a routine is the advice all the doctors unfailingly give to their patients. Looks alright apparently, but if the study conducted by Cochrane review is to be taken on its face value, it is not necessary, as the result, more or less, in all the cases is the same. Those who go for regular medical check-ups, and those who don’t hardly make any difference the review so made indicates. This is somewhat strange in the sense that after all check-ups are the ones which candidly reveal the deficiencies and the defects in the body system enabling the concerned patients to feel alarmed if there is some major health problem with them. If the patients opt for not going to get themselves medically checked, they are just unable to know as to what sort of a medical problem they are suffering from. It is accordingly safer for every body, particularly those in an advancing age bracket, to ensure a regular medical check-up from the health point of view.

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