Friday, 20 July 2012

Rahul Gandhi is ready for a larger role:

As per reports of the media, Rahul Gandhi has broken his silence expressing necessary willingness on his part to play some more positive a role both at the level of the party (All India Congress Party) and the government if, as he said, so decided by the party chief Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The announcement so made appears to be encouraging, if taken on its face value. There could be many who may not be that happy with such a move, particularly those in the party itself, who have a feeling that it was Rahul Gandhi who was himself responsible for a flop show during last elections in Uttar Pradesh. As the reports say, Rahul Gandhi was not willing to plunge into a major role either in the party or the government, or both. He was in fact mobilised for the purpose and it is only the outcome of this mobilisation that Rahul Gandhi consented to more vigorously work both for the party and the government. Quite possible that he agreed with some amount of reluctance. Any individual, howsoever young and energetic, is hardly capable of delivering the goods with the required enthusiasm for the tasks. Only time will tell if he can really meet the aspirations of the people at large.

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