Monday, 30 July 2012

When the heart is too heavy:

It is pinching and piercing, tumultuously twitching and heavily weighing, when the heart goes astray on some emotional surcharge. Emotional upheavals, say the sadhus, mahatmas and the yogis, have to be controlled, checked and effectively monitored by an individual self to secure peace and solace. It’s not that easy, they should know. I have seen many a mahatmas, highly perturbed mentally and moving berserk physically, unable as they are to control themselves on emotional front. Many of them are a kind who get irritated at the first instance that occurs to them. I have seen a naga sadhu losing his temper on a disciple of his simply for the reason that the offering(dakshina)she made to him was too meagre in terms of cash. There is hardly any place any where, where one can go to procure some peace. One has to struggle with his/her own heart, when the whirl wind of a stormy sort of thoughts overtakes the whole body system. One may  even himself/ herself go for some compromise with the tortuous feelings as struggle alone may not suffice. I take it like there is no go against this sort of state of heart and  mind, and the individual concerned has to take it to himself as his fate. In the midst of torments and upheavals, I as one, feel like submitting to the immanent will, the Destiny.
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