Thursday, 26 July 2012

Is it that there is a parallel government in Mumbai?

Raj Thackeray, the MNS chief in Mumbai gave a call to people in general there not to pay road tax on the pretext that the local government is not giving a proper account to the tax payers. No road tax is to be paid, he has said, unless the authorities concerned duly account for the money so collected. Collections are so huge, he further asserted, and compared to that the amenities provided locally are too meagre. The big amount so collected is not only to be fully accounted for, this has to be used basically for the need of the local citizens without diverting the funds  elsewhere, he suggested in a tone and tenor of a direction. The demands so raised may be alright and there must be strong protests on that count. Modes of protest are many and there can’t be, and must not be, any refraining from resorting to them, but in no way an individual can take law into his hands all out disturbing the local administrative machinery, which ultimately affects the local public only.

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