Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Nagpanchami is a festival observed by hindus and even others almost every where in terms of Hindu mythology. It fell due yesterday in India and was celebrated with full enthusiasm by the worshippers of Lord Mahadev. Lord Mahadev is the one God who is kept ornamentally garlanded by live snakes who continue creeping and hissing around his neck all the time and, with that faith in mind, his devotees dedicate this day to the snakes. They worship them, they feed them and they sing in their praise. Snakes are mainly served with milk as it is considered to be the choice food for them, which factor is more a myth than reality. In real terms, as it is said, snake are not that fond of milk nor they relish it much. In fact, they are the victims of snake charmers, who keep them under fed or without any food at all for several days before Nagpanchami (called by some also as gudia) falls due. The snakes virtually keep starving for days together remaining in full control and captivity of the snake charmers. Snake charmers have a definite purpose in such doings of theirs. They keep them unfed or starved so that their snakes could entertain a maximum number of clients who voluntarily and devotedly feed them with milk. If the snakes are not empty stomach, they may not be able to entertain the devotees, the clients of snake charmer, in the required  measure, or they may be able to do so only upto one or two cases. Snake charmers go from door to door taking advantage of devotees desire to worship and serve the snakes, and such number runs in several dozens.
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