Sunday, 1 July 2012

It is you who can manage aging, not the doctors:

Aging is a natural process.It can only be checked but can not be stopped altogether.Much depends on how the individual concerned is able to manage it.

Since ages it has been a matter of concern for the people on earth as to how they can ensure a longer span of life for themselves.There is nothing like any short cut available for the purpose. One,who is born once, has to grow old and die some day ultimately. What a person can do is to meticulously take due care of his/her health applying necessary precautions with a will in that direction.

In Paleolithic age, it is said, people used to live much longer a life obviously for the reason that they had to toil hard involving a great deal of physical labour to earn their livelihood. Contemporarily there have been several instances where many of the persons had the bliss of leading a comfortable life for much bigger a span. London based Indian author of eminence Nirad Chaudhary died at the age of 102 years. Dubai based Indian painter of great repute M.F.Hussain died at 95+. Zohra Sahgal, a pace setter movie star in India is hale and hearty and continues performing her roles even today. She celebrated her 101st year of life only some time back in Mumbai.

The key note point for a better life health wise is simple living which includes plain sort of food habits. Physical exercise on a routine basis is another component essentially warranted in this connection. For exercise one is not required to be an athlete or an acrobat as even a normal walking coupled with controlled breathings is enough for the purpose.Yoga is another most important a therapy which is conveniently possible for every body -a child, an adult and equally an old man.

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