Sunday, 22 July 2012

Why charity can’t begin at home?

India is passing through a worst phase of economic crisis. Soaring prices have made the life of routine consumers a hell. There is nothing in sight to indicate any improvement on that count. Any decision that is taken by the governments, both at the level of the Centre and the States, in the name of overcoming the crisis only bounces back to aggravate it instead of remedying it. The parliamentarians of the country were in a hurry to sumptuously enhance their salary and perks costing public exchequer abnormally. Looks like they are the people remaining hungry without any food like millions of the people in India. Hungry they are, but it is for power, pelf and privileges. If they can’t do any thing else in the interest of the people, they can at least set a pattern by foregoing a certain percentage of their increased salary like it is done in France very recently. They took a decision that President and the Prime Minister of their country should go for a 30% cut in their salary directing it to serve the interest of the people in general. May be others, particularly their parliamentarians, fall in line with the President and the Prime Minister in days to come. This one is too meagre a measure like a drop in the ocean so far as overall economy is concerned but a drop too counts when there is an economical crisis like it is there in India. Let charity begin at home first.

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