Wednesday, 18 July 2012

An address to blog readers:

I am handling about half a dozen blogs and obviously, like every blogger, I do feel interested to see that my posts are read well by the viewers and the readers. I felt like reaching my readers through some of my posts some time back to point out my anxiety to them but had to resist my intention with the hesitation that this might be taken as an attempt to over publicise my writings and could even form a span with the result that I withdrew. Soon thereafter I came across an article by a co blogger online with the title including ‘guidelines’ to the readers talking of as to what she expected from her readers. This inspired me a lot and on a re-thinking I too thought of falling in line with her and have an interaction with my viewers, hence this post. General psychology of the readers is to have just a snap shot view of a post without straining their mental nerves to go deep into it with of course a few exceptions who always prefer to be quite thorough. Heavy traffic elicits a better rating for the blogger and, in respect of paid blogging, it counts more commercially if necessary ads on the posts are clicked properly, which is an area often ignored by the readers. Even ‘ratings’, ‘like’ and the comments links too are not practically followed by many. My blog ‘Avenues’ at the has hundreds of comments running in several pages, but that’s again a zone all the readers just can’t cover and this should be enough for the remaining readers to use a few words at least by way of comments. This strengthens the relationship between the authors and readers. By giving a complete perusal of a post, the readers are the ones who contribute much in raising the morale of the authors. The readers after all are the best judges to apply their discretion in a manner they so prefer to do.

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