Sunday, 15 July 2012

Continuing regular studies at 50:

One Saravanapavan, who is 50 years of age, is continuing as a regular medical student in Madras Medical College, Chennai, with the privilege of occupying necessary accommodation in the college hostel itself. He is in fact a criminal who was involved in Chennai Airport bomb blast case of 1984. Convicted and given a punishment of life imprisonment by a local court, he was finally acquitted of all the charges against him by the Madras High Court. Currently he is away abroad presumably on student Visa itself, as the news says. How come the college authorities permitted him to continue in the college and also its hostel? I don’t think they have any valid reply to offer in the matter. Madras University is not alone in this connection as various other universities/ colleges in the country are permitting unauthorised occupation of hostel rooms to outsiders mainly including the goons, anti social elements. Reportedly Allahabad University has permitted around 125 outsiders to stay in its hostels unauthorisedly for quite a long time and several of them are not paying even the prescribed fee for the purpose. May be that is the state of affairs every where.

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