Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Quotes may land you in trouble!

It has always been quite in vogue to use some quotation or the other while delivering a speech. An excellent orator like Atal Bihari Bajpai, ex Prime Minister of India, always used to get a thumping applause for it. Manmohan Singh, the present Prime Minister of India, tried to follow him, if not fully atleast partly. He did so even when he was the Finance Minister and made it a note to add famous lines of the revolutionary the great Ram Prasad Bismil on most dry a subject like budget. The lines so quoted were 'Sar faroshi ki tamanna ab hamarey dil mein hai'.There is a thinking that quotes add strength to a speech and naturally why the speakers, particularly politicians, should miss that opportunity which they can't help using relevantly or even otherwise. But the practice may lead the speaker into trouble also like it happened with Samajwadi leader Amar Singh who picked up a portion from a song sung by Mohd. Rafi in a film with the quote '...patthar ke sanam...' supporting his criticism against Mayawati, U.P. Chief Minister, ridiculing her over enthusiasm for necessary/ unnecessary construction of buildings, parks and monuments. The small quote was not taken lightly and she had even to come out with the threat of necessary police action against him.

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