Friday, 22 June 2012

I do admire PPP

No confusion! The PPP which I am talking about is not Pakistan Peoples Party, it is in fact Pay Per Post, an advertising platform. There are hundreds of such platforms all over the world but this one is just quite different in the sense that it is user friendly, simple with sumptuous business orientation and possesses a sound methodology on issues. It is comfortably pleasant to deal with them for publisher bloggers. I joined them years back and they accorded me the recognition of an ‘outstanding postie’ but I was off for a long time resulting into a big gap in our relationship which of course I renewed only recently. I felt thrilled with their response to my renewed membership with them. Their payment mode is no doubt frugally meagre but that might be different from publisher to publisher and offer to offer. Taking things in totality I certainly have a praise for them wishing them all the best in their goal.


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