Monday, 23 April 2007

Love has many a faces !

Text Link Ads This one is not the photograph of just a man in the street -he is a senior police office since retired as Inspector General of Police in Uttar Pradesh. He opted for retirement to pursue his love for his Lord -Lord Krishna not just in a manner many a people do but by transforming himself into a complete woman both apparel wise and also behaviourally. His wife having gone to Court of Law for redressal of her grievance, the Court ordered maintenance allowance for life as compensation which the ex police officer D.K Panda, her husband, readily agreed to pay. All the time he keeps himself dressed as herself fully in the attire of a woman with a broad bindi on his forehead and cluster of bangles on both her hands with bichhias in toe fingers. He sings bhajans for his (her) Lord, recites keertans getting fully mixedup with the ladies in the similar jobs. He gives discourses also moving from place to place.
Wonder, how could this man have made it possible to discharge the onerous duties of a police officer all his career. After all if he rose to a most covetous rank in his career, it must have been possible only after he performed well as such. True, now that a large number of women are in different services who adequately proved their capability to justify their role as such like if it is a Kiran Bedi it was a matter of laurels from all sides as she proved herself tobe a person of guts when she ordered crane lifting of cars of the VVIPs in New Delhi if they were parked against rules. Such an exercise on her part was so much of a great magnitude that people used to call her 'Crane Bedi' instead of Kiran Bedi. A Kiran Bedi or many more like her had certainly changed themselves a lot coming out as they did out of a deep rooted traditional culture of ladies remaining in purdah, confined to household areas and remain like a tender object of show in the family. Case of D.K. Panda is of a reverse order. The routine miens and gestures he is using these days can't make a person robust enough to handle responsibilities of a police officer. Either it is a latest adoption of such a culture on his part or his department had enough of patience to tolerate him if he had the same temperament during his career when he must have been supposed to control a unruly mob, chase dacoits at times exchanging fire with them and put in several hours of hectic schedule at a time in pursuit of his role.
Whatever it is, it is undoubtedly a typical case of human behaviour where there is transformation of roles of the nature of extreme opposites.


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