Thursday, 12 April 2007

Marketing for thoughts

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Only the other day I wrote some thing on ‘Thoughts for Sale’ in one of my blogs. It was an instant writing and the moment I gave a click to ‘submit’ the post, it all disappeared without allowing any single possible trace of whatever strain I had undertaken while giving my thoughts some script on computer. I felt demoralized with the thought as if I had written some thing so unwanted. Even a smallest possible consolation of ‘pending approval’, which ofcourse is a normal trick of saying no in a gradual order, was not allowed to me. Is it that I had written some thing wrong offending the feelings of ‘experts’ who sit on judgement to accept or reject an article. I had given example of a vegetable vendor who was getting no customers as it was a rainy day with bad weather. Frustrated, he started crying ‘Napolean’ with repetitions and this made several men and women come out of their houses to enquire as to what sort of a nonsense it was. The vendor replied that he had nothing to do with ‘Napolean’ nor he knew anything much about him except that he was once recognized as a synonymn of terror for many and that at the moment he could think of no marketing device other than this to attract customers. He was ridiculed by many but the net result was that he could get some customers who chose not to let their coming out of their houses in a bad weather go a waste. They purchased some vegetables.
Desire for getting attention from others is an inherent anxiety in any human being since the human race came into existence. It is a cycle of multiplying displays. A woman in a normal attire is liked, the liking is more if there is a little bit of body exposure, the liking is much more if such an exposure compounds further. Attentionwise it is fine and works wonderfully well so far attracting the viewers is concerned but then all this to what extent is the question. Is it that such an exposure is ultimately to lead to nakedness. One could be a Nelson Mandela, a Gandhi, a Tagore, an Abraham Lincoln, a Ramanujam and what not in himself but he may not be capable of attracting as big a crowd as a dancing girl, a clown, a caricaturist, a hero from the film world. This is what is happening today and many a leaders of international stature are hiring artists from films to attract people in their functions as a measure of necessary maketing for the cause and mission they undertake.
I am a writer fully confident that I write well and honestly with no hypocrisy. I was asked to write on a heroine from films, I wrote on Mahatma Budha instead. My article was not accepted. I was asked to support my articles with pictures of beauties from the movies, I failed to go beyond beauty of Himalayas, I was not accepted. To satisfy my desire to get published, I had a compromise affixing some neat beauties from the cinema. This too was turned down obviously for the reason that there was not much of any ‘masaala’ in the photograph. True, one has to move with the times but if it is all brazenly unbridled then to what extent after all. Thoughts, howsoever good and relevant they be, have no place, no listeners, no viewers, if they are sans necessary marketing – maketing with some stunt like it is for vegetables, spices, fashion items and things like that.


Dr Asha said...

The agony is meaningful

Garv said...

A matter of business and trading

myso said...

What a marketing