Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Problems at times act as stimulants !

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Rahim was a great poet who penned a treasure of wise advices using his poetry as a tool for the purpose. Brief but meaningful his poems are a guiding factor in routine life. He didn’t use any big language to communicate his thoughts, he chose to be simple, straightforward and pointed. A mere two line quote of his like ‘Rahiman vipdahu bhali jo thodey din hoi, Hit unhit ya jagat mein jaani pade sab koi’ conveys a truck load of substance. Many a times it so happens that you don’t realize what the situation demands but after a person has to face some difficulty on that count he easily gets alerted mending his ways in a right direction which he/ she could not have thought of doing otherwise without a jolt – a jolt that is capable of cautioning people of an otherwise shape of consequences.
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