Wednesday, 11 April 2007

They also serve who stand and wait!

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It looks philosophical but what Milton meant by saying ‘They also serve and wait’ was that in whatever shape or form a person is placed he/she is capable of doing his duty subject ofcourse to the respective physical capacities. The root point is that one should shirk of his/her responsibility. It is never expected that one should act as a Hercules but in a limited from it is possible for a limping person to have a giant spirit. Milton became blind as a result of his indefatigable attempts on work –writing,reading and creating historical books like Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained. What he indicated in ‘On his blindness’ was a definite message that handicapped one can be but not necessary that he rendered fully invalid to discharge a function which otherwise is possible for a person if not gigantically certainly in a frugal order.
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