Friday, 13 April 2007

What 786 stand for ?

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Many a questions are raised to me on several occasions by those who are inquisitive to know something or the other to satisfy their anxieties. One such question was asked to me some time back when I was in Kolkata. I gave an elaborate reply to the full satisfaction of the question raiser. A brief version of my reply is like this: Digital translation of Bismillah-ul-Rahman-ul-Rahim in Islaam is 786 denoting a new start in the name of Allah,the God. This one is actually the Persian equaivalent of ‘Shri Ganesh Shayenamah’ in Hindu religion. Normally in no language such a start is through figures. Figures like 1008 are used in Vedic languages denoting the personality concerned bestowed with 1008 noble qualities but it is always at the end. Islaam is possibly the only religion where 'Bismillah' starts with 786 to mark a beginning. The readers of this post may correct me if I am wrong.
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