Sunday, 15 April 2007

None can go beyond what is destined !

A cousin of mine who holds doctorate in her discipline and is a lecturer loves reading and is fond of poetry particularly in Urdu.She herself writes well. But for the reason that she is too choosy and reserved to herself, she could have made a good poetess.She had a good collection of poems and enjoys them.It's not very often that she shares such a collection with others but does so at times with the condition that the listener should not be indifferent.Such a collection she has inherited from her mother who was the one fully engrossed when going through it.Not just casual but virtually a chronic lover of poems she was.Compared to her my cousin is somewhat a slippery type-so keen at times but going casual very often.She is not the type of having any liking for loose citations -whatever she collects or whatever she recites herself is all based on a serious note.One citation she had for me some time back is much worth provoking a serious thinking. It reads like this -

बेकार कमोबेश की
साकी से शिक़ायत क्यों

उतना ही भरा उसने
जितना बड़ा पैमाना

Looks philosophical. Isn't it? But is a great pointer for those who aspire unbriddled.Infact all have a share fixed for themselves and no one can go beyond a certain limit.

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