Friday, 13 April 2007

Mother -Her sacrifice !

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The only son a mother had was a vagabond. He was in love with a girl. The girl wanted him to prove that he really loved her and the proof she prescribed was a full jug of blood from her heart. The son felt shaken on such a demand but lustily could’nt resist the temptation of satisfying his girlfriend. He agreed. Stabed his mother. Tookout the blood pouring it to the brimming point of the jug. Ranaway to the destination to meet the girl. He stumbled time and again every time finding it difficult to recover. At this stage he felt like his mother was calling –it was the voice of his mother coming out of the jug. The message he could hear was -‘Don’t feel frightened my son, be courageous, fulfill the task you have so undertaken and satisfy your girlfriend. I am your mother after all and can easily compromise my life to see you happy. Be happy my son’.


Garv said...

For a mother there is no limit to sacrifice

myso said...

Good written