Saturday, 9 February 2013

Is it not a falsehood to depend on Consumer Courts?

The way the consumer courts are performing in our country, it’s a sheer false hood without any result orientation. They do take decisions but by the time they so do it goes too late for the consumer concerned. Consumer Courts were formed with a view to come out more quickly in respect of the decisions but what is practically happening is just the reverse. They are worse than the other normal courts. I was told by a consumer that he resorted to the consumer court with the hope that they would come out with a quicker decision in his dispute giving him necessary relief but it has taken more than three years time and there is no indication of the dispute being sorted out even in days to come. What is the use of such courts if they behave worse than the normal courts in the matter of performance. They be better abolished if they can’t be suitably rejuvenated to prove of some worth for the consumers for whom they were basically brought into existence.

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